Arcoplastica‘s production plant is flexible and designed to guarantee high control standards, thanks to process optimisation and the definition of efficient and rapid organisational solutions for order fulfilment.


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Every single product manufactured by Arcoplastica complies with European and Italian regulations, such as REACH Regulation (on the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice for the manufacture of materials and items that come into contact with food).


Arcoplastica has already obtained this certification, but is still working on new solutions to further reduce the amount of waste and energy consumption, and train and raise awareness among internal staff, contractors and subcontractors.

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The checks performed by Arcoplastica as required by its internal system are aimed at preventing pollution as far as possible and at better managing any environmental impacts. They comply with all relevant provisions and regulations. The areas covered include:

• reduction of resource consumption

• internal recovery, where possible, of by-products by recycling plastic scraps, or non-compliant product waste, from production

• use, where possible, of raw material from the recycling chain

• atmospheric emissions

• civil and industrial waste water discharges

• environmental noise within the prescribed limits

• energy consumption

BRC Food safety

Arcoplastica works in compliance with BRCGS Global Standard for Packaging Materials by DNV GL. The BRC Packaging standard was created to respond to the explicit request for guarantees from large-scale retailers and retailers concerning the hygienic safety of materials in contact with food (MOCA). The requirements of the BRCGS standard go beyond the basic requirements of current legislation and explicitly call for food safety risk management measures and methods, detailing a well-defined approach to plant standards. End-consumer protection and continuous improvement are priority objectives for Arcoplastica and BRC.

This standard guarantees the safety of items in direct contact with food and greater protection for end consumers.

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Our products are periodically analysed to ensure food safety compliance, according to legal requirements, and to address any critical issues that might emerge during risk analysis.

Thanks to its traceability and tracking system, Arcoplastica complies with legal requirements on identifying the correct links between extruded/thermoformed items and the raw materials used, and between the granules purchased and the corresponding finished articles made from them.

Safety in the workplace

Arcoplastica protects the health and safety of its workers by providing them with modern and appropriate infrastructure and equipment, and by continuously monitoring its working conditions. It also requires involvement and collaboration from all its employees for continuous improvement. The ISO 45001 certified management system is the main tool for implementing Arcoplastica’s health and safety policy: it constantly monitors and ensures compliance with legal requirements on health and safety in the workplace, pursuing the objective of reducing any risks for workers.



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Accident prevention is an ongoing cultural process that involves timely risk assessment and analysis of all hazardous events, including near misses, that could have resulted in injuries. In order to get the most out of this process, Arcoplastica promotes the participation of all company personnel by allowing them to make proposals in written form on, among other things, work safety and hygiene.

In addition to continuous technical risk-reduction measures and timely compliance monitoring, Arcoplastica believes that, for continuous improvement, the improvement of the information system and communication with workers is also strategic: the ‘INFO-POINT’ network, which is continuously updated, brings the information needed for prevention directly to the production departments, making it easily accessible.