About us

Arcoplastica, a leader in food packaging since 1969

We have been working for over fifty years, during which we have consolidated our mission with major investments in technology
and sustained commitment to Research & Development to meet the demands of an ever-changing market. Today,
Arcoplastica food packaging is characterised by high quality standards, which are met thanks to
eco-friendly innovation, product , and the possibility of customising the products according to customer requirements.
A top quality that also means high performance: an objective consistent with the values of a business that has always been forward-looking.

Company milestones


Purchase and commissioning of a bottle flake purification and sterilisation system to extrude R.PET materials up to 100% recycled material.


New scrap grinding department: three mills for the optimisation and recovery of waste materials and their recycling by extrusion.


New areas for storage and research & development activities. Arcoplastica proves itself as a cutting-edge business capable of responding to any request in the plastics sector.


New fully automated compact warehouse with WMS system for FiFo ('First In First Out') management of materials.


Third extrusion plant for transparent PET materials and compostable bioplastics.


The new in-house testing and control laboratory is expanded. The company gets BRCGS certification.


Second extrusion plant for PET and multilayer PET.


New expansion: the new automated compact warehouse for finished products is completed.


Jollyplast, a leading company in the production of large thermoformed products, joins the Arcoplastica Group. This results in a significant product line expansion (thermoformed sheets up to 7mm thick and of a size up to 1500 x 2500mm).


First multi-layer extrusion plant for PP, PS, single-material PET: Arcoplastica strengthens its business position in the food packaging industry.


Another step forward: the machines for making the trays (as well as thermoforming moulds) are assembled in-house. This strategic choice makes it possible to manufacture products with unrivalled tolerances and precision.


The business expands and the company is relocated to Andezeno, diversifies its activities and aims to specialise in products for the food industry. The new plant is operating 24 hours a day, in three shifts.


Founded in Chieri (Turin) by Giorgio and Marina Torta, Arcoplastica originally specialised in the production of pen blisters, displays, and components for the automotive sector.

Arcoplastica works in full compliance with Italian and European regulations on the quality system, occupational safety and health protection.

Product quality, work quality, environmental quality:
our company policy.