Circular Economy

A logo, a mission

Arcoplastica’s Circular Economy defines our corporate culture, which is based on recycling and energy saving  to achieve the ambitious zero-waste goal.

This corporate culture is the foundation of our R&D activity
and our manufacturing process aimed at these objectives:


Develop innovative raw materials that are more easily recyclable or biodegradable.


Maximise the use of raw materials from the plastics recycling chain.


Re-use offcuts and internal processing waste from each stage of the production cycle.


Increase the use of energy from renewable sources.


Reduce and monitor all significant environmental impacts.

Recycling: an ethical choice, an economic advantage


“We believe that the future of sustainability lies in the reuse of resources. As far as we are concerned, recycling is the way to go, as it is the most sustainable both ethically, industrially and economically. We hope that the authorities in charge will work hard to make it as viable as possible, bringing the food packaging and tray recovery chain to the same level of efficiency that has already been achieved for years for PET bottles. The goal is to start tray-to-tray recycling as soon as possible in order to achieve the same success as bottle-to-bottle recycling”.

Marco Torta, Ceo at Arcoplastica

On the left Marco Torta with his sister Laura and father Giorgio Torta, founder of Arcoplastica

Energy saving, low environmental impact, business growth.
These are our numbers:

0 %
The percentage decrease in atmospheric emissions following plant modernisation.
(Period: 2019-2022)
0 kWh
The amount of photovoltaic energy produced with 127KWp plant.
(Year: 2022)
0 %
Our reduction in electrical energy consumption in relation to the amount of material processed.
(Period: 2019-2022)

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